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| 4th to 8th of May 2022 - Workshop with trainers from the Feelings Practitioner Certification-Team |

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 (Feelings Practitioner)


What is a Feelings Practitioner Laboratory?

In Feelings Practitioner Labs a new culture in the field of medicine emerges. They can be part of a personal journey and/or a professional training.

  • Persons with Possibility Lab experience find new dimensions to the healing of conditions and ailments like sleep disorders, joint pain, grinding of teeth, allergies, etc.
  • Alternative health practitioners, psychotherapists, and body workers inspired by the context of Possibility Management expand their skills to support healing in the emotional body.

Often symptoms persist even after being treated by medical doctors (physical body), psychologists (mental body), and energy workers (energetic body). For a complete healing, the emotional body needs to be included.

To become a Feelings Practitioner you train innovative tools and procedures for the effective work with obvious or hidden emotional symptoms. These Labs are practice-oriented supplementary trainings which advance any medical/therapeutic area of expertise.

Feelings Practitioner Labs are about:


  • Creating a healthful field for all four bodies simultaneously (physical, mental, emotional, and energetic)
  • Working on the very individual psychosomatic connection (beyond already existing concepts)
  • Solving traumas and blocks
  • Co-creating teamwork – therapist/spaceholder and client working hand in hand
  • Empowering clients into their own strengths and competencies
  • Enhancing effective self-care for both clients and therapists

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| Feelings Practitioner Lab - from 4th to 8th May  2022 - Fee € 1.112 - Register here |